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Cheryl was my first doula for my 4th delivery. She was amazing! She listened to my needs and wants, encouraged me the whole labor, and even took photos immediately post delivery. I couldn't have asked for a better doula. I highly recommend her to all

pregnant women. P.D. 

Fran was excellent and highly recommended.

Midwife C.R. 

Fran was so supportive.  she was gentle and reassuring at the times when I needed most.  It was like she was reading my mind.  I would recommend  Fran to any woman expecting a baby.  C.M.

Having a doula for our first pregnancy was a great experience. When you have no idea what to expect with your labour it was wonderful to have had a support not only for me, but my husband too. Fran was coaching my husband on how best to be there for me. Never once did I feel like she took away from our birthing experience as a married couple. I would highly recommend Doula

Fran! V.B.

Cheryl was a joy to have at my birth. Her reassuring presence and encouragement was a tremendous help during labor. She used counter pressure and massage and also helped to keep my breathing focused, low and rhythmic. I was definitely more calm throughout labor and confident in my abilities by having her there. F.S.

Cheryl was fantastic. On the day I went into labour she kept in contact with me for the first few hours and then came right over to my home. Cheryl was very hands on which I thoroughly enjoyed.  She engaged closely with me during every contraction and worked to ensure my comfort at all times. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone who is looking to have the most natural experience giving birth as Cheryl's amazing bedside manner, experience and all around personality prove to bring the desired atmosphere.  Cheryl is an outstanding doula and she would hands down be your best pick, I know I would use her again. A.B.

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